Once upon a time (2012 – 2017 to be exact), there was a bright little cottage nestled in the hills of Paddington (Brisbane) called Happiness Place. It was the beloved shop of mother and daughter duo, Lorilie Cunningham and Stephanie Rooke, and was inspired by their overwhelming love of colour, flamboyance and sparkle. Before long, people were hot-footing it to Happiness Place whenever in need of a beautiful gift, an over-the-top party decoration or perhaps just a scream-laugh at our ridiculously funny cards/stationery; and would then waltz out of the place with a bag full of happiness, presented like a fabulous Drag Queen (think explosions of colourful tissue paper, sparkly tulle and neon ribbon).

However after five years of meeting the hands-on demands of running a shop, personal circumstances started to compete (mostly because Steph decided to speed breed 3 babies in 3 years!) so the difficult decision was made to close the physical shop (for now) and focus on our growing online presence.

Which brings us to today! Happiness Place Online is all about celebrating celebration, and is a hand-picked collection of our very favourite things, spanning fashion, gifts, party and stationery. We hope everything in our store brings a smile to your face (as it has to ours) and can still be the place you go to for a little bit of happiness or to brighten up life!

And don’t alarm, we still remain committed to Drag Queen style gift wrapping, and also plan on doing the occasional pop-up store (i.e. Christmas), so make sure you sign up to our newsletter below, so we can keep you in loop!

Love Steph and Lorilie xxx


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